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Client Testimonials

“Thank you again for so generously taking the time to meet with us! Your ideas and enthusiasm are extremely inspiring, and with your support and advice, I think we will meet our goals. We would be delighted to refer as many people to you as possible. We’d be doing them a big favor!”

“Unlike any other accounting firm that I have dealt with. Their people are easy to work with, responsive, receptive, and anxious to help me build my business”

“I have relied on the people at HNY from the very start of my business. Their advice on business, tax, and accounting issues has been invaluable to me and I consider them part of my management team, not just my accountants.”

“Before I make significant decisions or major changes anywhere in my business, I always touch base with folks at HNY. I trust and value their experience and their perspectives.”

“As a financial advisor I know many accountants, but none as accessible, business savvy, and client-focused as the folks at HNY. When asked if I know a good accountant, I tell people I know a great accountant and you need to connect with them.”

Client Video Testimonials

Client business growth attributed to HNY’s dedication of time, patience, and communication.
Selling one company and starting another – HNY helps with client vision for a new business venture.

HNY offers great advice and strategic planning to a client for over 15 years.

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